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Rovco Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl with Lid, 6m+, 200ml – Aqua


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Rovco Stainless Steel Feeding Bowl with Lid

  • These attractive mixing bowls with lids keep your recipes fresh in the refrigerator, the freezer, when marinating, or when you need serving bowls that keep food warm.
  • These stackable metal bowls are dishwasher safe, compact, and are designed to be nested for the perfect fit in your kitchen cupboards.
  • Our non slip silicone bottoms keep your bowls right where you want them. The no slip rubber base combined with a sturdy flat bottom keeps your recipes on the counter when whisking. All materials are non toxic and BPA free, safe for kids and adults!
  • More durable than glass mixing bowls or plastic that can stain and retain odors, this top rated stainless steel mixing bowl set is made of premium steel, polished to a luxurious mirror finish on the inside.
  • Colorful, stylish bowls are easy to use, with a lightweight design.