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Cartebaby Washable Clothes Diaper Pant With Heavy Pads (0-24m)

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Key Features

  • Reusable Clothes diaper can be wiped dry for another fresh insert change.
  • Preferred by mothers as an excellent day time diaper option for babies when urination pattern is more frequent
  • Made of natural bamboo fibers.
  • The sensitive insert is crafted for sensitive skin.

Product Description

One Size Reusable Diaper Cover (Adjusts SMALL-MEDIUM-LARGE in the same diaper) with One Natural Bamboo insert, Change only the pad every 2-5 hrs depending on the urination pattern and keep the same Diaper Cover for a second use for the day, after wiping the inner portion.

Additional information

Country of Origin

Outer Materials

Laminated Polyester – Leak Proof

Inner Materials

Laminated Poly Urethane

Color Style

Style 1, Style 2, Style 3, Style 4, Style 5, Style 6


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