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Minitree PP Training Straw Cup, 6m+ 350ml

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Minitree PP Training Straw Cup

  • Minitree 350 ml crystal color organic PP training cup
  • Suitable for 6+ months babies
  • 0% BPA (BPA free)
  • Not sprinkle
  • The pot body is made of food-grade polypropylene (PP material does not contain bisphenol A, Wear-resistant, wear resistance is 5-8 times of glass, long service life, easy to use for a long time, and no residual odor after use.
  • The lid is designed with vane, leakproof and dustproof, sale and hygienic, and colorful color suction cups contribute to the visual development of the baby.
  • The mouthpiece uses food-grade silicone, safe and soft does not hurt the and gums.