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Kodomo 5-in-1 Baby Skincare Toiletries Gift Set (Thailand)


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Country of Origin


Key Features

  • Made in Japan
  • Hypoallergenic Products
  • Protect your baby’s skin all season
  • More susceptible to environmental factors.


  • 1 x Head2Toe 100ml
  • 1 x Shampoo – 100ml
  • 1 x Baby Lotion Powder 100ml
  • 1 x Powder 50g
  • 1x Bath Sponge

Product Description

Kodomo cares for your baby’s skin as only a mother knows how! Whether your baby’s skin condition is normal or has a tendency to develop eczema, kodomo toiletries set is suitable for the daily care of your baby’s skin. The baby’s skin is extremely delicate and fragile.

While a baby’s skin looks soft and supple, it is less oily and much thinner than an adult’s and is thus more susceptible to environmental factors. A baby’s skin needs special care. Protect your baby with our specially formulated skincare products. It will keep your baby’s skin clean, smooth and silky soft at all times.