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OVS Fagottino Cotton Pant Set, 2pcs

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OVS Fagottino Cotton Pant Set

100 percent organic baby clothing brand made of premium organic cotton fabric and features beautifully designed clothing. Organic cotton feels super soft on baby’s skin as the fibers are natural and breathable. Organic cotton is made without the use of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers, so it is an environmentally-friendly alternative compared to traditional farming methods.


Size & Measurement

0-3 months: Pant: Long: 13 inch/ Waist- 13 inch (S)

3-6 months: Pant: Long: 14 inch/ Waist- 14 inch (M)

6-9 months: Pant: Long: 15 inch/ Waist- 15 inch (L)

9-12 months: Pant: Long: 16 inch/ Waist- 16 inch (XL)

12-18 months: Pant: Long: 17 inch/ Waist- 16 inch (XXL)