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tader product quality gd👍👍 + reasonable price 😍😍 amr Meyer jnn kinlam shoes 👠👠 alhamdulillah vlo.. tader delivery o onk fast😊😊 best of luck👍👍 amn vlo service diye amdr happy raikhen always 😊.

Alisha Rehman Akhi

Products quality is very good😘 & price also reasonable🥰 Highly recommended 💖🛍🎉.

Kaniz Nishi Fatema

Ami onk happy apnader thakee order kra shoes payee .onk nice.best of luck💖💖💖.

Asma Azad Asma Azad

took 4baby shoes.compare to price quality is good.will definitely shop next time.😁😁😁.

Mou Mohua

first time purchased from this page. sooo fast delivery!! shoes are really comfortable for babies! thanks a lot...

Kashpia Azmee

very nice products...very quick delivery...😊😊😊.

Maria Farhana

meyer jonnno first shoe kinlam....masallah, onek cute a apnader collection gulo, inshallah aro kenakata hobe.....

Shahana Parvin

First time purchase from this page.first delivery, good product,reasonable price. Hope to purchase more from this page!!!.

Tamanna Kawsar Chaity

kob happy ami krn ai fast online kisu order diya jmn ta cheyeci tai paici...apndr onk onk thanks juta gulo o onk sundor cilo ..insallah eid er por aro kisu shoes nibo babyr jonno....

Rayhana Siddika PaPri

I hv purchased a mumpot/ sippy cup from them. Quality is good and price is also reasonable. Good wishes for MonowaMart..

Dilshad Farin

quick delivery & good products ☺☺.

Nitol Nayma

Good product. Delivery on time..

Samiya Sharmeen

It is very reliable... and i am fully satisfied. thanks.

Syeda Raihana Akhter

product gula onk valo lagche,first time purchase korlam,i\'m satisfied for this products.

Tohfatunnesa Tumpa

They provide good quality products. Their service is super fast 😊.

Israt Fahima Lucy

পাঁচদিন আগে মেসেজ দিছি।এখনো রিপ্লাই দেয়নাই।পুরাই ফেইক।.

Maksuda Chowdhury

very good quality.. good service.. & also good behaviour.. thanks products gulor jonno, 1st e baby shoe\'s niyechilam thn 2nd purchase korlam asolei valo, in sah allah abar purchase korbo. a.

Sumaya Siddique

Good quality product with quick service.Best wishes for them..

Naushin Rusafi

Wowwww...received the products..superb quality and fastest delivery ever.

Rahman Saima

unique design products,good quallity, fast delivary. thnx ☺️☺️.

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