Monowa Mart

… a premium line one stop babyshop!

Monowamart, a small babyshop with a big dream to be a shop of choice while one like to do shopping for moms, babies and kids stuff.

We are a one-stop babyshop with all the premium line collections for babies, kids and moms for daily essentials to occasional one. And, of course we offer our products at an acceptable and reasonable price. We offer products for all the different levels of customers so that everyone can shop within their budget.  You can shop us in online through our website and Facebook, or direct shopping for Retail and / or wholesale at our showroom.

In addition, we are expanding our products lines into Heath & Medicare, Kitchen Needs and some Lifestyle improvement products gradually.

Unlike other shopping, we feel there is a need of happiness and full satisfaction when you shop for newborns or little ones. Because we have great concern and care for their comfort and adaptability with the stuff we buy for them.

Keeping that in mind, we craft our product list for selling and making the product selections, purchase or import them very carefully. Even after coming a product in our warehouse, we run a quality checking and stop selling them if we are not satisfied with the quality level. For pricing, we always try to price them very logically and reasonably. Still, for some products we could not maintain price acceptable for all shoppers for some branded products due to its high cost and exceptional shipping and import expenses at customs.

We are located at a very known and popular location beside Dhaka New Market. Our address and contact information as follows.

Monowa Mart

Shop#11, Level# 2, Biswas Builders,

New Market City Complex (Back side of Dhaka New Market),

Dhaka-1205. Mobile: 01977765336

Monowa Mart is run by some smart and energetic people to support product sourcing to customer service, order and delivery team to make your shopping easy and full of happiness. We have established Return-Refund & Exchange policy, where you have freedom of your wish and need.

We always source and collect finest quality products, so that we can ensure customer happiness. We have branded products like Mothercare, Aveeno, Hudson Baby, Luvable Friends, Little Treasure, Carter’s, Avents, Farlin, Pigeon, Lebay, First years, ASDA, Johnsons, Kodomo, Next to Nature, Lindo, Intex, Palmer’s, Dove, Himalaya and so on! Everyday, we endeavor to source new products with quality and comfort.

Besides general and common products, we always have special and unique products which one can rarely find in other online shop or retail outlets. In addition, most of the premium lines product you find from us at a reasonable and affordable price.

You can find us in different social medial platforms like Facebook, Messenger, Instragram, Pinterest etc. You can also subscribe to our media publications, where you will be posted with our weekly newsletter, promotions and offer etc.

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We wish you happy shopping at Monowa Mart! Please stay with us!